Pride Month and Direct Watercolor Portraits


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June was a good time to start reading A Queer History of the United States. And since June is also when Marc Holmes and Uma Kelkar host the Direct Watercolor Challenge, I thought I’d paint portraits related to Pride Month. (Wondering what direct watercolor is? Read more about it in this post by Marc)

My portrait project didn’t get too far but here are four little watercolor portraits of some pretty amazing human beings.You can read more about each of these people by clicking their names for a wikipedia link.

Alan Turing

Harvey Milk

Bayard Rustin

Barbara Gittings

Some quick thoughts on attempting portraits in direct watercolor:

  • Direct Watercolor works best for me with ‘forgiving’ subjects: landscapes, florals, even cityscapes where the exact placement of a mountain, a petal or a telephone pole won’t change the feel of a piece. With portraits, every bit of wonkiness detracts from…

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